Substance Abuse Treatment


It’s┬ávery important for us to fully understand what’s going on before jumping into a treatment so that we can be sure we’re taking the right course of action. Substance Abuse Evaluations are done by one of our professionally trained therapists, are individual, and are completely confidential. We use them to assess the severity of the abuse so that we can recommend treatments that will help as quickly and effectively as possible.

Substance Abuse Therapy

There are many ways to treat drug and alcohol abuse, depending on the substance, severity, and needs of the individual. Addiction recovery is a lifelong process, and we will point you towards the best option for you. This may include in-house therapies and/or referrals to medical and other professionals, all of whom are dedicated to helping you overcome your addiction. All information shared with us in therapy and counseling sessions will remain confidential.

Substance Abuse Education

Knowledge is power, and nowhere is that more true than in overcoming an addiction. If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse, one of the first steps to take is to seek education about the situation. Our trained therapists will help you gain a deeper understanding of the nature of addiction and how to overcome it – all in a completely confidential setting.

Addiction Severity Index Rating

The Addiction Severity Index Rating (or ASI for short) is a tool that┬átherapists use throughout the entire world. Not only does it give an idea of how severe an addiction is, it also analyzes parts of life that may affect an addiction – such as bereavement, loss of a job, relationships troubles, poor self-image, etc. – which we can then focus on to help you heal. The ASI rating is done in an interview format, and all information shared will be kept strictly confidential.

Referral Services

Part of overcoming an addiction is teaming up with people who care about your success and will help you address all facets of the issue. We can help you put together your team of local help from the surrounding areas who we know will care about you and your success.