A Trusted, Licensed Counselor in Cheyenne, Wyoming

Capitol Counseling was founded years ago to bring professional psychological care to the residents of Cheyenne and the surrounding areas. There are plenty of people out there who call themselves “therapists” who focus on mental wellness but aren’t truly licensed counselorss. We bring a depth of knowledge and years of experience to our practice that can’t be found in those establishments. If you’re looking for professional assistance from people who care and have the tools to help, we encourage you to turn to us.

Each of our licensed counselors has extensive experience in the field and uses their education, background, and experience to come up with practical and helpful solutions. We love seeing the progress our clients make and being a part of that amazing healing process. Seeing lives change, families strengthened, and the trials of life successfully dealt with are the most fulfilling parts of our work. 

Our office is warm, inviting, and comfortable. Additionally, we understand that you have lots of responsibility, maybe even including children. If you have to bring your child to an appointment, we have a playroom available that’s full of toys and games to keep them occupied during your session. 

With the many concerns about consumer privacy that are constantly being brought up in today’s world, you may be wondering if your information will be kept safe and confidential. The privacy of our customers is our highest priority. We will not share or disclose your personal information in any way to any outside party without your permission. The contents of your sessions will also be kept completely confidential. 

Life is full of joy, but there are also times of sorrow and struggle. With the help of a licensed counselors, you can learn how to manage those struggles in healthy ways, and perhaps even turn them into opportunities for growth. No matter where you may be on your journey through life, we are here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take Insurance as payment?
Yes! We do accept Insurance as a form of payment.
What about Medicaid?
Yes! We take Medicaid as a form of payment as well.
What about Tricare?
Tricare members must get a referral to be seen, but once that process is complete, we do accept Tricare clients.

We understand that this process can sometimes be complicated. In fact, one of our therapists, Bill, spent time in the Marine Corps and has firsthand knowledge of how Tricare works. He will personally work with any military member as they go through the approval process. We care about and honor our veterans, and are committed to making sure you get the services you deserve.

Do you work with Military and Veterans?
Absolutely! We have the highest respect for our servicemen and women and would be honored to provide any mental health care you may need. We have a long history of working with veterans, and always look forward to opportunities to serve those that have served our country
Can I bring my child with me to an appointment?
Yes! We have a playroom for kids that’s filled with toys to keep them busy and entertained during your session.
Is all my information kept confidential?
Yes. We respect your right to privacy and can assure you that all of your information, as well as the contents and results of your sessions, will be kept completely confidential.

We’d love to hear your questions or comments!