Pain Management

Bio-Feedback Therapy

During Bio-Feedback Therapy, we will use professional equipment to measure reactions such as body temperature, muscle tension, and brain activity. One of our therapists will then walk you through different mental and relaxation exercises. The equipment is a great tool for helping you see firsthand how effective different exercises are for you. We value your privacy, and all of your information will be kept completely confidential.

Emergency Evaluations

When an emergency happens, you need people on your side who are professional, helpful, and compassionate. In the event of a behavioral or traumatic emergency – such as threatened or attempted suicide, violence, psychosis, or the aftermath of an accident or crime – our trained therapists will respond quickly to get you the help you need. All evaluations will take place in a safe, private setting and all information shared will be kept completely confidential.

Clinical Hypnosis

When someone says ‘hypnosis’, often the first thing we think of are entertainers that come to parties and high school graduation celebrations. But clinical hypnosis is a whole different ball game! Our therapists are trained to help you reach the extremely relaxed state that comes with hypnosis, where you can then be helped with both physical and psychological ailments. We take client privacy very seriously, and all of your information will be kept completely confidential.

Pre-Operative Assessments

Operations and other medical procedures can be life-changing, and it’s important that you go into them properly prepared. Our therapists can assess any issues that you need to be aware of before the procedure and can help you prepare. All information shared will be kept completely confidential.

Court Evaluations

During court proceedings, it’s not uncommon to have a psychological evaluation mandated, especially in divorce, child custody, and other family┬ácases. Our professional psychologists will interview you in a private, safe setting. We respect your privacy, and, outside of legal mandates, all information you share will be kept completely confidential.

Pain Management Therapy

Chronic pain is something that many people have to deal with during their lives. The good news is, there are many options available to treat and cope with it! Our psychologists are experts in pain management therapy and can teach you ways to manage yours. All information shared will be kept completely confidential.

Problem Solving Therapy

Problem Solving Therapy is a subset of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and is used to teach about how to cope with stress. During these sessions, you will learn more about your emotions and how to handle them, participate in problem-solving exercises, and be assigned take-home exercises for real-world application. All information shared will be kept strictly confidential.

Sleep Therapy

Insomnia and other sleep issues are relatively common, and aren’t something you have to overcome alone. Our trained therapists use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and other methods to help you get to the root of the problem and then solve it. We take client privacy seriously, and all information you share will be kept completely confidential.

Bariatric Assessments

These assessments are important to have before undergoing bariatric surgery or any similar procedure. They are used to evaluate any conditions, both physical and psychological, that could affect you as you transition to life after the surgery. All assessments take place in a private, safe setting where your confidentiality will be strictly maintained.