Addiction Severity Index Rating

As psychologists and therapists, we have many tools at our disposal to help diagnose and treat substance abuse. One of those tools is the Addiction Severity Index, or ASI for short. Used by professionals all over the world, the ASI is one of the most reliable ways to assess the nature of your addiction. Even more importantly, it will help you and those who are helping you understand how best to address and treat the issue. The ASI is an evaluation that takes place in an interview setting, where you and a professional therapist will use the questionnaire to discuss your current situation, needs, and options for treatment. Because addictions affect so many aspects of life, the questions in the ASI will cover many subjects, including:
  • Your level of alcohol consumption or drug use.
  • Addiction-related medical problems that you have experienced or may experience
  • Your current mental health status
  • Family and related social issues you may be having due to addiction
  • Employment and support evaluation and options
  • Legal issues related to drug use
You may be experiencing trouble in one, several, or all of these areas. The ASI is designed to help you and your therapist get to the root of these problems so that they can be treated effectively. Additionally, there are many medical risks involved with substance abuse, and the ASI helps us identify them so that we can refer you to a physician. We have built up a trusted network of medical and other professionals in the Cheyenne area that we know will be great assets to you as you work through this challenge. Confidentiality is something we take very seriously, and this interview will take place in a completely private setting. We will not share your responses or other information outside of our office without your consent.