Mental Health Services

Individual Counseling

With individual counseling, you will sit down in a safe, comfortable, open environment with one of our trained therapists, who will then help you work through your challenges. They will listen to your thoughts and concerns and respond honestly and helpfully. Every person’s needs and experiences are unique, and this type of therapy provides an opportunity for you to receive personalized help. Whether you’re wanting to boost your mental health, set goals, learn more about yourself, or just need help through a tough time, our individual counseling program can be molded to provide what you need. We value the privacy of our clients, and your therapist will keep any information you share completely confidential.

Individual Psychotherapy

‘Psychotherapy’ is really an umbrella term for all kinds of mental health services, including counseling, group therapy, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, treatments for depression and anxiety, and more! Because there is such a wide range of treatments available, we will work with you to determine which one will be the most effective and helpful. All of your information as well as the contents of your sessions will be kept confidential. Click here to learn more about Psychotherapy.

Relationship and Marriage Counseling

We firmly believe that one of the most important aspects of a person’s life is their relationships. They have the potential to make life wonderful and provide us with much-needed feelings of trust, safety, and happiness. But they can also be a significant source of stress. Our Relationship, Marriage, and Family Therapies are focused on teaching appropriate and helpful ways to reach compromises, resolve differences, and cope with the stressors that often occur in that aspect of life. All information shared with us will be kept completely confidential.

Mental Health Evaluations and Psychometric Testing

To be able to help anyone, we must first know what the problem is! Our therapists are trained in mental health interviewing and psychometric testing, which can both be used to determine the nature and extent of a person’s mental health challenges. Evaluations will usually involve one-on-one interviews where the therapist will ask you questions about your behavior, emotions, and history. With Psychometric Testing, you will take scientifically validated tests that help us further understand the nature of your challenges (including learning/other disabilities, ADHD, and more.) All information you share with us as well as your results will be kept completely confidential.

Domestic Violence Evaluation and Treatment

Domestic Violence is something you should never have to deal with alone, and our trained therapists are here to help you. They are unbiased, non-judgemental, and will aid you in working through the emotional trauma that you have experienced. We value your privacy, and all information you share will be kept completely confidential. For more information on Domestic Violence, please visit the National Domestic Violence Hotline website.

Psycho-Sexual Assessment

Psycho-Sexual assessment focuses on resolving sexual difficulties and dysfunctions, especially when they are primarily psychological in nature. Our professionally trained therapists use proven assessments to figure out the problem and its cause, and will then assist in finding a solution. Client privacy is one of our highest priorities, and all information shared during these visits will be kept strictly confidential.

Play Therapy – Healthy Child Development

Play Therapy is a technique that uses expressive play to help children communicate feelings. It’s also helpful in helping them release negative feelings, especially anxiety and anger. Though it is guided by one of our trained therapists, Play Therapy is self-directed and gives the child an opportunity for growth and self-discovery. As always, all information from these sessions will be kept completely confidential.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

This is one of the most effective therapies out there, particularly for Depression, Anxiety, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Our counselors are experts and will use this therapy to help you challenge your negative thoughts and perceptions about yourself and the world. All of the contents of these sessions will be kept strictly confidential.