4 Fun Things To Do In Cheyenne Wyoming

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Not only is Cheyenne the largest city in the state of Wyoming, it’s also the oldest. Because of its rich history, it has many more cultural sites than most cities in the state do. While this is by no means a comprehensive list, we thought we’d put together some info about our favorite things to do in our town so that you can enjoy them too!

1.Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum

If you can’t make it to the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo – the Daddy of ’em All, as it’s affectionately dubbed – you can still learn a lot about Western culture and heritage at the Old West Museum. Full of interesting exhibits and amazing artifacts this is a great option for all ages! Especially on cold, blustery days where outdoor recreation isn’t an exciting prospect.

2. Cheyenne Botanic Gardens

They say that nothing grows in Wyoming except sagebrush and pine trees, but we’re here to tell you that that’s not true! The Cheyenne Botanical Gardens are full of flora from all sorts of biomes – including the tropical rainforest. Recently renovated in August of 2017, the Gardens are fresh, fun, and kid-friendly.

3. Wyoming Transportation Museum

Even if you don’t have a little train lover in tow (or an adult train lover!) the Wyoming Transportation Museum is still full of fascinating history and amazing exhibits. The West was built by railroad, and here you’ll be able to learn its rich history. Be prepared to have the incredibly detailed model trains and dioramas take your breath away!

4. Wyoming State Capitol

Ever wondered what goes on in the nation’s least populated state? The answer is: all the normal stuff! Come take a look at Wyoming’s beautiful Capitol building where the state legislature meets every year to hash out policy for the 500,000 people who live here. Pair your visit to the Capitol with a tour of the Wyoming Governor’s Mansion for an even deeper look into the lives of the people who have made this state what it is.


Remember that these are just our Top 4 favorites – there are plenty of other things to enjoy in and around Cheyenne! If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, check out Curt Gowdy State Park or take a drive on Happy Jack road out towards Vedauwoo for great hiking, bouldering, and rock climbing opportunities. Or if you’re the type that likes to go out on the town, check out Cheyenne’s fabulous downtown area that’s full of food, drinks, and great shopping. And if you’re around during the famous Cheyenne Frontier Days, be sure to enjoy the rodeo experience of a lifetime!

If you’re in downtown Cheyenne, don’t forget to come visit us!